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Nomadics, Inc., an ICx company, was the first major tenant of Oklahoma Technology and Research Park, constructing its current headquarters building in 2000 while the Park was still in its planning stages. Nomadics was founded in 1994 and pursues the research and development of emerging technologies focused on homeland security and force protection.

Business Profile:
  • 156 employees primarily engineers and scientists

  • Headquarters in Stillwater, OK

  • Offices in Oklahoma City, OK; Cambridge, MA; and Annapolis Junction, MD

  • Technology Focus Areas Include:
  • Advanced polymer-based sensors
  • Biosensors

  • Nanotechnology

  • Portable instrumentation

  • VLSI Photonics

  • Applications Include:
  • Explosives detection

  • Optical ASICs

  • Life science research

  • Chemical/biological agent detection

  • Communications interfacing

  • Current OSU Partners Include:
  • College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Department of Chemistry

  • Department of Physics

  • School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Collaborations with OSU Include:
  • Portable system for conducting environmental site assessments

  • Several products to increase amount of data that can be transmitted over optical fiber networks

  • Ultra-sensitive biosensors

    Nomadics, Inc.
    1024 S. Innovation Way
    Stillwater, OK 74074
    (405) 372-9535

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