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Lucas Newman Science & Technologies, Inc.

Lucas Newman Science & Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 2000, initially as Nextep Technologies, Inc., to provide a facility and corporate basis for undertaking creative technical projects. Lucas Newman Science & Technologies, Inc. operates in Venture I, at Oklahoma Technology and Research Park, in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Scientific/Professional Services
The company’s principals have a long professional and scientific work history in licensing and decommissioning of facilities involving radioactivity. Lucas Newman offers services for establishment, maintenance, and termination of licenses. In addition, services pertaining to radioactivity and compliance are provided to the oil and gas, chemical, and minerals extraction industries.

One recent project of note produced a border crossing system which detected contraband at the Mexican border of the United States. Another created a complicated assembly of radiation detectors designed for the 3-dimensional evaluation of naturally occurring radioactive materials in children.

Key Personnel
Key personnel include Arthur Lucas, Harry Newman, and Barbara Lucas. Each has a long history of working in highly-regulated conditions, in creating and implementing corporate licensure and compliance. Their combined work histories reflect more than 100 experience years devoted totally to technologies for detection, measurement, and control of radiation and radioactivity.

The Laboratory

The firm’s laboratory is equipped for both routine measurements of low level radioactivity and research in materials science, instrument design, and mathematical methods which aid in the evaluation of low-level radiation. The laboratory has a plethora of instrumentation dedicated to the measurement of low level radioactivity in soil, water, and air:
• A high resolution, germanium crystal spectrometer equipped with a beryllium window is especially valuable in measuring the low energy gamma rays of uranium and thorium at the same time that it reports uranium and thorium daughters up to 3 MeV.
• Another thin high purity germanium spectrometer is available for lower energy (0-300 keV) quantification.
• Nine alpha spectrometers are especially arranged to make quick turnaround analysis of thick samples of soil and water. The proprietary software reports uranium, thorium, and radium activities with minimal processing of the sample.
• A beta ray spectrometer is configured to record the spectra of several nuclides intermixed. The individual activities are determined by recursive analysis using standard spectra. A wide selection of NIM modules permits operating the spectrometer in coincidence or anticoincidence with gamma rays.

Field Assay Capabilities
An extensive reserve of instrumentation provides for the survey of potentially contaminated sites. On site analysis can be performed using gamma ray scanning, soil sampling with on site spectroscopy, and radon flux measurement. Radioactivity in water is determined by alpha spectroscopy.

Thermoluminescence dosimetry is available to perform long term, environmental dose verification. Materials are available which permit measurement of gamma ray, beta ray, and neutron dose.

Lucas Newman Science & Technologies, Inc. is licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) to possess and use small amounts of a wide variety of radioactive materials. The laboratory has been audited very recently by ODEQ and a "no findings" report was issued. In addition, a cabinet x-ray machine is operated under permit with the ODEQ. That machine and its operators have been audited by a second ODEQ inspector with a "no findings" report filed.

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